Borough 3: Poto-Poto

Municipality 3 Poto-Poto extends to the North of the city centre to be bounded to the North-West by Municipality 4 Moungali, while Municipality 5 Ouenzé lies to the North of Poto-Poto. If Poto-Poto is bounded to the South-West by Bacongo, to the South and to the East, Poto-Poto is bathed by the majestic waters of River Congo. It has a population of 101.000 inhabitants with a surface area of 900 ha.

Administrator-Mayor: Mr. Jacques ELION
Secretary General : Mrs Augustine Sophie DOUNGOUS

Poto-Poto Mayor’s office
Rond Point Poto-Poto (intersection of Avenue de France and Avenue de la Paix)
Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
Tel: +242

Historical background

Poto-poto is a village of colonial administrative creation from a group of camps of African workers and hamlets of the plain. In its evolution, it was populated by the riverside population of River Congo (the second largest river in the world, by virtue of its current, after the River Amazon), Upper Congo, Oubangui Chari and the Belgian Congo from where boats belonging to the colonial administration and to missionaries transported the people in their numbers to Brazzaville. This diversity gave Poto-Poto its two important traits of demographic affluence. The names of the oldest streets of the town suggests a very diversified and cosmopolitan ethnic composition of its first inhabitants in the image of its current population. Mongo, Dahomey, Yaoundé, Bangalas, Haoussas, Kassaï, Banziris, Bakongo, etc… people from Congo, Bas Congo, Central Africa and West Africa. Poto-Poto municipality was created in 1911 to become and indigenous council by Order N°2623 of 31 December 1943 of the Governor General of FEA, Officer of the Legion of Honour, Félix EBOUE.

Synoptic table of Administrator Mayors

ROGERFREY (Français) (1943-1945)
Jean Hilaire AUBAME (Gabonais) (1945-1947)
Emmanuel SAMORY (1947-1948)
Jean Marc KOUTABONGO (1948-1950)
Moïse MIADEKA (1950-1951)
Henri ITOUA (1951-1953)
Thomas DANDOU (1953-1960)
Maurice KWAM (1960-1963)
Diouf MAMADOU (1963-1970)
Eugène ONZE (1970-1971)
GASSAÏ MORERO (1971-1972)
E. MOBENGA BALE (1972-1977)
Gilbert NGATSEKE (1977-1979)
G. KINGAMBA NGOYA (1979-1984)
GASSAÏ MORERO (1984-1987)
Ferdinand NGAYOUMA (1987-1991)
Léon EKINGUIDI PACKO (1991-1992)
Jean NGOUABI (1993-1994)
Eugène SAMA (1994-1997)
André LONGUELE (1997-1999)
R. Bienvenu FAIGNAND (1999-2003)
Adolphe ELEMBA(2004-2008)
Jacques ELION (2008-)
La mairie de Poto-poto dans la commune de Brazzaville
Town hall of Poto-Poto in the municipality of Brazzaville