Brazzaville Airport

Brazzaville International Airport, known as Maya-Maya decongests the Congolese capital. It is a Category E Airport (OACI classification) with two runways, one of which is new (05L/23R) with a length of 3300m and a width of 45m for landing and take-off and the other (05R/23L), is used as a runway.

Actually this airport has witnessed several renovations, the most recent of which is the new pack for passengers and the new runway capable of receiving Airbus A380-type aircrafts. A real hub in Central Africa, it occupies first place in Central Africa in terms of total number of passengers. An airport village will be erected around Brazzaville airport and shall comprise: A hotel complex; Offices and businesses; Handicraft village. Below is a summary table of commercial air traffic:

Récapitulatif des statistiques du traffic aérien commercial

It connects the Central African region as well as other major hubs like Paris, Addis-Abeba, Casablanca and Johannesburg. Its management had been handed over to the Congolese airport authority, Aéroports du Congo (Aerco).