Festivals and events


Instead of the American Grammys, Congo has chosen the tam-tam to honor its musicians. Created in 2005, the golden Tam-Tam award was conceived by Mr. Medard Milandou. The initiative strives to commend the work of Congolese modern, traditional, and religious musicians. The Golden Tam-Tam award also seeks to commend and encourage those who work far and wide to promote Congolese music.


The Feux de Brazza is a popular international festival of traditional music created in 2005 and that takes place in Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo. The festival is held every two years alternating with the Pan-African Music Festival (FESPAM) and it favors traditional cultural exchanges.

The international festival welcomes groups of African artists, musicians, dancers, painters, and researchers. Burning firewood is lighted to inaugurate the event and symbolizes ancestral practices that should be preserved. The Feux de Brazza was established to safeguard African traditions so that future generations will continue to be aware of the continent’s rich culture. The festival is a challenge to the younger generation to preserve Africa’s culture of music and dance.


The Pan-African Music Festival is a multidimensional event that takes place every two years in Brazzaville. It has existed since 1993. It offers musical performances, a symposium, a permanent exhibition of musical instruments, training workshops, the Miss FESPAM event and other related activities.

Besides its cultural aspect, FESPAM is a scientific institution where researchers can explore, analyze, and evaluate the multifaceted aspects of African music. The festival offers a space for experts and musicologists to meet and discuss their work.

FESPAM is organized by the government of the Republic of Congo, under the aegis of the African Union (AU) and in partnership with UNESCO CICIBA, CIM, and AFRICOM.