Yemina Bengui-Gui visits traditional musical instruments exhibition

On transit in Brazzaville last July on the occasion of the 10th edition of the Pan-African Music Festival, Yemina Bengui-Gui, former Minister of Francophonie, last July 20 visited the exhibition of traditional musical instruments in the company of Hugues Ngouélondélé, Deputy Mayor of the town.

It was at the end of a working session with the mayor of Brazzaville. An adept of literature and culture, this French woman of Algerian origin came to inform Hugues Ngouélondélé of the holding of the 3rd edition of the World Francophone Women’s Forum slated for next October. “I am a committed filmmaker and I have been an activist for long. All my films are centred on people, to be able to look at others without prejudice, encourage the fight against discrimination and promote women’s rights”. The World Francophone Women’s Forum is a civil society forum which will bring together about 3000 women in Brazzaville, to reflect on the francophone region and the rights of women. “We know that most of the francophone countries are in Africa. Brazzaville will therefore be the Women’s capital". Very attached to the values of the woman and to history, she thinks writers should write to create impact. Nelson Mandela said: “Because what is done for us, without us, is against us”. She does not forget to underscore Brazzaville’s role in the liberation of France, a very important point in history which seems to escape the diaspora’s memory.

In acknowledgement of her work for the Congolese capital, the city’s departmental and municipal council decided to crown her Citizen of Honour of the city of Brazzaville, during the September 2015 session.

It is worth mentioning that the auditorium of Brazzaville’s Town Hall, since July 2015, has an exhibition of traditional musical instruments.


Yemina Bengui-Gui visite l’exposition d’instruments de musique traditionnels
Yemina Bengui-Gui visits traditional musical instruments exhibition